Second Drug Third Drug Fourth Drug Diluent
Morphine + Haloperidol + Cyclizine + Octreotide Water
Ranitidine Water
Hyoscine butlybromide + Ranitidine Water
Midazolam + Cyclizine Water
Hyoscine butylbromide Water
Levomepromazine + Hyoscine butylbromide + Octreotide Saline
Ranitidine * Water
Midazolam + Hyoscine butylbromide Water
Ketamine Saline
Metoclopramide Water or Saline
Ondansetron Water
Metoclopramide + Midazolam + Ketamine Saline
Octreotide Water or Saline
Ondansetron + Octreotide Saline
Midazolam + Hyoscine butylbromide + Octreotide Saline
Cyclizine + Ondansetron Water
* ​​Add ranitidine last once all other drugs and diluent have been combined. Precipitation reported with high doses of levomepromazine > 75mg
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